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About Me

Hi, my name is Lindsay Hansen and I'm currently a student at Western Technical College in the IT - Web and Software Development program. I'm an alumni of WTC already, having already completed both the Graphic Design and Visual Communications programs previously. This will be my first time creating a website from the ground up but I've had some experience picking HTML code apart to edit websites in the past.

Apart from coding, I have a rather large collection of hobbies (as seen in the sidebar) and an even larger list of personal projects that I'm trying to work through. I'm currently in the process of documenting my world setting that my various stories and Pathfinder campaigns take place in. Worldbuilding is a fun but extremely time-consuming process, especially when it comes to writing down 20 years worth of development and making sure it all still makes sense together while presenting it in a way that isn't completely overwhelming to someone new to the setting.